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Six New Dedicated Pickleball Courts

Our facility is equipped with 6 pickle ball courts (outside). Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sport in the USA. If you want more information about the sport, take a look at the website of the USA Pickleball Association.

The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.

  1. A fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong.
  2. Played both indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court and a slightly modified tennis net.
  3. Played with a paddle and a plastic ball with holes.
  4. Played as doubles or singles.
  5. Can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels


We are offering memberships just for Pickleball players. Cost are $50 per month and an initiation fee of $100. You will receive most of the benefits of the regular membership, such as towel service, use of the gym and training area. You will get set up on RaquetDesk were you can reserve your pickleball court up to 3 days in advance. Members als have a special rate on all pickleball clinics. More information can be found on our flyer.


We offer Pickleball clinics on a regular basis. Always check if the clinic you are interested in, is actually happening, because we are determine per clinic if we have enough players. We will be taking up to 16 people per clinic with 2 pros. Spaces will fill up quick, so if you know already you would like to participate in one of those clinics, sign up TODAY! Members of LNTC can sign up online, email or call. Non-members can call our front desk to sign up 980 444 2280 or send an email to:

“LKN Pickleball and Lake Norman Tennis Center – A Perfect Match.”

LKN Member

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