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Davidson Pickleball Programs


LKNPA is pleased to offer the third installment of the very popular "Meet and Drill" clinic designed especially for players at the beginner level.  Many beginner players have asked us, "What is the best way to find players who are new to the game but understand the basics?" If you have found open play to be intimidating at times and find it difficult to find a court suitable for your level of play, then this clinic is for you!!! 

Join 23 other beginner players for a morning of drilling and observed game play where you will receive real-time feedback from certified instructors and experienced players.  

This clinic will offer six 15-minute court rotations, where each court will focus on drills for a different skill. Each court will be led by instructors and experienced players.  The last hour of the clinic will feature observed game play where you will have a chance to use your new skills in a controlled and judgment-free environment.

Best of all, each participant will receive a directory of all other participants so you can easily contact each other for future drilling, practicing, and game play.

The clinic is scheduled for Saturday, October 7 from 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at Plum Creek Park in Davidson.  The cost for the clinic is $35.

Registration for this clinic will be handled differently than other LKNPA clinics. For this clinic, we ask that you register through the Davidson Parks and Recreation website using the following link:  

You will need to create an account first and then use the search feature using the word "pickleball" to find this clinic.  Once there, the registration process is easy.  Please be sure to select the correct pickleball clinic.

This clinic is intended for beginner players only who have some basic skills, understand the rules, know how to move on the court, can keep score, and are committed to playing the game the "right" way. This clinic is not for participants who have never played before. 

We ask that you not register for this clinic unless you are certain you can attend.  All refunds and cancellations will be handled by Davidson Parks and Recreation.

Happy Pickling,

Jeff Moree

Director - Member Development, Education, and Instruction

Lake Norman Pickleball Association
9815 Sam Furr Rd.
Suite J-101
Huntersville, NC 28078

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